Baobab powder

Despite the weird name, baobab is incredibly good for you and is an excellent source of vitamin C, calcium, . Use baobab powder as health supplement and as food ingredient to boost health and vitality! One of the hottest new trends in the health world is Baobab.

A tree native to tropical regions in Africa, Baobab is anything but new. Ever wondered what baobab powder is? Click here to find out what baobab is, the benefits and where to buy.

Flood your body with nutrients for alertness, energy and immune system support with this pure, raw fruit powder.

We work from source in southern Africa to bring this amazing fruit to you! FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Paul Gugenheim of Minvita, the company which sells baobab in the UK in tablet and powder form, and is partnered with The Eden Project in . Used in its raw form, it is an excellent . The baobab tree is grown in South Africa. It holds so much water that if you puncture it, the water will flow out.

Baobab powder originates from the Baobab fruit, grown in the African Savana. The harvested fruit is then cleaned and turned into baobab powder. Use in smoothies, curries, sprinkle on cereals or add to marinades.

Baobab Powder by Baobest is an organic, gluten-free fruit powder that has more antioxidants than pomegranate, blueberries and acai. Baobab fruit powder, naturally packed full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Search for further products and novelties. In its native areas it has various uses, but its fruit has become popular . With off-the-charts levels of antioxidants and major points for being exotic, baobab powder is poised to be the next acai. FREE Recipe included: Baobab mayonnaise.

Our Baobab is organically source fairly trade and sustainably grown. A nutritious addition to smoothies and or yoghurt. Baobab Fruit Company Senegal (BFCS) Offers Wholesale Natural And Organic Baobab Powder For Industries And Companies. Learn More About Our Certified .

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